16 Killer energy saving tips

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The best energy saving tips on the market

If you want to do more than just switch energy provider to a cheaper rate, then we have some great energy saving tips to save you even more money!

Our energy saving tips will not only reduce your energy bill but also help you to do your bit for the environment by minimising the amount of energy you use.

Our energy saving tips fall into 3 categories:

  • Free energy saving tips
  • Medium cost energy saving tips
  • High cost energy saving tips


Free energy saving tips allow you to cut down on your energy use without any cost what so ever! Medium cost energy saving tips are changes that you can make at moderate expense (from 1p to £500) whilst High cost energy saving tips require an investment usually over £500.


Free energy saving tips

The best things in life are free and that can be said for these free energy saving tips. All the energy savings tips within this section have no cost assigned to them at all, they just require a bit of time and dedication to reap the benefits.

1. Turn down your thermostat

A change of just a few degrees in temperature could make a real difference in terms of your annual energy payments. Sacrificing a slightly milder house could save you anything from £50 to £100 a year.

2. Efficient use of your radiators

When it comes to heating, you really only need your radiators turned up high in rooms that you spend the most time in. For rooms that you don’t use, turn the temperature down. By doing this, the amount of hot water required by your boiler will be significantly reduced.

3. Hang your washing out

This may be one of the most obvious energy saving tips to consider but can easily be overlooked. The cost of using your tumble dryer or drying your clothes on your radiators outweigh the free use of a washing line. Not only is the energy cost free, your clothes will smell nicer too!

4. Grab a jumper

If you can’t afford to insulate your home, insulate your body! Instead of turning up the heat when you’re in your t-shirt and shorts, slip on a nice warm winter jumper and you’ll soon forget about the need to turn your heating up. Even when you are off to bed , why not simply snuggle up with an extra blanket.

5. Effective use of your washing machine

By just reducing your washing machine temperature down to 30°C you can save anything from £5 to £50 a year dependant on your family size. Dropping from 40°C to 30°C is barely noticeable but it has been proven to be significantly more economically efficient.

6. Switch energy provider

Getting a quote on your gas and electricity is free and easy! You can save hundreds of pounds every year from making one simple switch. Check out our 7 reasons for switching guide for more information.

7. Use a washing up bowl

Washing your plates in a bowl of hot water rather than washing up with running water is a simple change that will save you a great deal on your water bill long term.

8. Don’t overfill your kettle

Boiling water you do not need is a waste of energy. Keeping efficient levels of water for your use will also cut down the time you wait for your water to boil.

9. Switch off unused electrical devices

Most electrical devices will continue to use energy even when they are powered off if they are still switched on in the mains. Laptops will continue to charge, TV recorders may continue to record programmes and some TV’s will use more energy than others in standby mode.

Medium cost energy saving tips

10. Energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances use the latest advancements in technology to reduce the amount of energy required to function effectively. Household appliances contribute to around 20% of your annual energy usage so choosing the right device will save you significant amounts of money in the long run.

Choosing an energy efficient device is easy. The latest models are labelled with energy-efficiency ratings. A & A+ are the most efficient with efficiency decreasing from B to G.

The key energy efficient appliances you can change are; fridges, cookers, boilers, tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers.

11. Change your bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs reduce the amount of energy required to light a room. For this, energy efficient bulbs are a great cost effective investment to save money. This small investment within your home could see you save approximately £60 a year.

Don’t forget to switch your lights off too!

12. Change your shower head

A water efficient showerhead will improve your shower experience no end using less water to give a more powerful shower experience. This reduces your water consumption and hence, your water bill!

13. Draft excluders

Older houses are prone to loosing heat through gaps in doors, windows and cracks in your floor. Draft proofing products will help to seal these gaps preventing cold air outside cooling your house. Draft excluders help retain the temperature in your house and remove the need to bump up your heating to compensate for the loss.



High cost energy saving tips

14. Insulating your home

Loft, wall and roof insulation are fantastic options for keeping warmth in the house. Although this is a costly option, savings could reach around £200 a year. When you add this up over several tens of years, the initial outlay will be more than covered. Add this to the selling potential this offers for the house, insulation is a great investment.

15. Solar Panels

Solar panels offer a free source of electricity once the initial installation cost has been covered. With the correct set-up for your home, you could be generating enough electricity to save over £500 per year. Take this away from the initial installation cost varying between £5,000 and £10,000 over the years and Solar panels prove a very cost effective long-term solution to high energy bills.

16. Advanced heating controls

If you haven’t got any heating controls, then now is probably a good time to invest. With the technology available now, you can set a timer for your heating and hot water to come on when you need it the most and decide what temperature you want to set for each room.

Changing to a thermostat is not overly expensive, however, changing to a system that can be linked to your mobile phone applications can be.

This will save you money on energy as your energy consumption will be concentrated to the exact times you need it thus minimising the energy you waste.


Thank you for checking out our 16 killer energy saving tips!

Hopefully all of our top energy saving tips will have given you enough ammunition to help you save at least £100 on your bills over the next year!

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Thank you again, James.

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