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How do I find out my annual consumption of Gas/Electricity?

You can either contact your current supplier, or you can estimate your consumption by calculating this from the consumption shown on your last invoice.

I have more than one business site, can you help me?

Yes – you can either request a quote for each site individually on our website or alternatively call us on to find out if you can save even more.

What is the difference between commercial & domestic supply?

Commercial energy is normally secured with fixed price and term. However domestic energy is normally provided on a 28 day rolling tariff, meaning prices can rise or fall at any time.

Where can i find the information required for you to provide a quote?

All of the information required to generate a quote can be found on your energy bill or by contacting your energy supplier. We are happy to assist you over the phone if needed, simply call us

Aren't Energy Suppliers all just the same?

Energy suppliers prices vary greatly from one week to the next. It’s always best to come back and compare your energy prices when your agreement is due for renewal.

Are you tied to a particular Supplier?

We are independent and are not biased to place any business with any particular suppliers. You’ll be given fair quotes from all available suppliers.

Why use an energy broker?

An energy broker can help secure the best value contract for your business by comparing offers from a wide range of suppliers, which can be a time consuming process for a client. Brokers can quite often negotiate more competitive offers than are available by going direct to a supplier. They deal with account queries direct with suppliers to ensure clients are free to work within their own business. In addition to this, a broker can provide a range of other services such as bill validation, data analysis and energy management services, site works & metering.

How can I manage energy costs and reduce consumption?

Instant Energy provide a range of services which can help you keep track of your consumption, allowing you to make necessary changes in order to improve efficiency. We can help optimise your usage, resulting in significant savings.

What factors effect energy and gas prices?

Energy and gas prices are affected by a wide range of factors ranging from movement on the oil market, supply issues, economic climates, the weather and major political events.

How long does a business energy switch take?

Unlike in the domestic market a business cannot switch immediately unless you are not currently in a contract* As a result the time it takes to switch will be entirely dependent on your current contract end date. The physical process of ‘registration’ with your new supplier can only commence 28 days in advance of your current contract end date. In the majority of instances your switch will then go live the day after your current contract ends. *Your business will not be in a fixed term contract if: You have recently moved into a premises and have not agreed a contract with an energy supplier You have provided the correct termination notice to your supplier but have not left their supply following your contract end date