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With the winter fast approaching, it’s the time of year where if you’re not careful, your energy bills will sky rocket. I’m here to help you prepare and help you save a shed load of money that would otherwise be wasted. Why pay the energy companies over the odds when you could be using that spare cash for something a bit more interesting!

The easiest way to find energy savings within your home, is to think of your house as an energy draining machine. Where is the heat escaping from? How old are them energy sapping appliances? What are you doing every day that is wasting resources? How much are my energy provider even charging me? Are they even competitive?

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The free energy saving tips

The above are the first questions you should be asking. If you have found the answers to these, then you can really start to begin to identify the problems and start acting.

If you have found where the heat is escaping from your house then you are letting the costly heat that you pay for slip away for nothing. Fear not though! There are ways around this. The best free energy saving tips to help you save money are:

Draft excluders

These are the cheapest alternative to keeping heat in. Slightly less effective than the rest in this section but for the price of them, you will certainly get your money back in the energy cost saved.


The most expensive in this section but the most effective. For the older homes that always feel cold, this would be a miracle worker.


That would be cheating now wouldn’t it?

Change your bulbs

In this day and age there are some very efficient energy saving bulbs that reduce energy consumption massively. Go grab a few.

Thermostat control

Are you in control or is the thermostat making all the decisions? Take a few moments to learn how to use this properly. We wouldn’t want the heating to come on all day when we are working.

Energy efficient appliances

You could spend a fair bit replacing all your appliances for the latest tech but be sure they are going to save you on your energy bills too. Appliances have different grading’s for energy consumption. Stick to the most efficient ones.


I tend to turn the radiators off in the rooms I hardly ever use. Efficiency is key.

Washing and washing

If it’s not raining, hang your washing out (unless it’s snowing). When your washing you’re dishes, use a bowl rather than a constantly running hot water tap.

Turn the power off

Have you got a TV on downstairs and upstairs but you can’t watch both at the same time? Turn off the devices where ever you can once you have finished using them.

Utility comparisons

Great! So if you have followed every tip so far you would have saved hundred’s every year on energy costs. So what about the best free energy saving tip that costs nothing but 5 minutes of your time? Paying over the odds for your energy consumption is the main one! Switching energy provider to a cheaper one is by far the best and most efficient way to save money. If you are on a cheaper rate then your bills every month will simply be … cheaper.

Check out our utility switch guide.

For the more advanced and ambitious of energy saving consumers out there here are some great free energy saving tips to really beat the competition:

Solar panels

Once you have paid the initial installation costs, you are generating free electricity to run your home.

Advanced heating controls

If you have a basic thermostat and want to be able to have full control of when your heating comes on and turns off, invest in advanced heating controls. Technology now allows you to access your heating controls via a mobile device so you can warm up the house if you are leaving work half an hour early.


Thanks for taking the time to read these free energy saving tips. Save some money, save the world, go on more holidays and enjoy your new bills.

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