Utility Warehouse Reviews: Stick or switch?

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Utility Warehouse do not pay to advertise so it’s easy to understand why you may not recognise them. They will not appear in any utility comparison site that you search for and therefore you will never know their energy charges until you go directly to the Utility Warehouse website for a quote.


Utility Warehouse gather all of their customers through a large networks of distributors, promoting their services to friends and family and if you haven’t met a distributor yet, you probably wouldn’t have heard about them. Distributors provide their Utility Warehouse reviews to their friends and family to save them money, provide them with a quality UK customer service and switch them to a reliable service they can trust.

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So why would you choose Utility warehouse when they are not in utility comparison sites?

Trust in Utility Warehouse reviews by thousands of distributors across the UK have gave hundreds and thousands of customers the confidence in using their service. As distributors discuss Utility Warehouse with their friends and families, they are putting their own reputation at risk. For this their confidence in the Utility Warehouse service must be of the highest level.

They are one of the fastest growing Utility providers in the UK with an ever increasing army of quality trained distributors. They pass all their savings from avoiding expensive advertising costs to you, the customer and they have a great customer service!

As a Utility Warehouse customer, I receive great prices, free calls to a UK call centre whenever I need them and my friends and family all receive the same high quality service. Having the confidence to recommend Utility Warehouse is the most powerful gift for me. Helping friends and family save several hundred pounds every year is very rewarding and the knowledge they are in safe hands helps me sleep easy!


What value can you get from Utility Warehouse services?

  • They have a UK call centre with a free telephone number and their customer services is second to none.
  • They have no contracts that tie you in for gas and electricity! If you are not happy with their service, you can switch at any time.
  • They have additional services that you can add to a ‘bundle’ package that will allow you to save even more money.
  • They provide one single easy to understand statement. When it comes to gas and electricity, statements can be very complex to break down. Utility Warehouse list everything you need to know on one page, making this very easy for you.
  • You can save a heap of money! Saving even £40 a year can pay for a nice meal out, so why pay £40 to an energy company? Switch and save money with no effort. All you need to do is get a quote, say yes and Utility Warehouse will do the rest.
  • Don’t worry about cancelling your services with your previous utility provider, Utility Warehouse will complete all of the painful admin work for you.

For a more in-depth analysis, check out our 7 reasons for switching guide.


Utility warehouse provide a number of utility services

Not only do Utility Warehouse provide gas and electricity, they also provide home phone, mobile phone and broadband services. The more services you choose, the greater savings you will receive. For this reason many people have chosen to switch to multiple services saving hundreds of pounds every year.


Utility Warehouse reviews by distributors. How biased are they?

As you would imagine, Utility Warehouse distributors make a minor percentage from every customer they sign up, and for this they will naturally want to use their knowledge to promote Utility Warehouse. Without distributors, Utility Warehouse would seize to exist. They do not pay to advertise online, on the television and they will not appear in comparison sites.

Utility Warehouse distributors are fully trained on specialised Utility Warehouse courses before they speak to their friends and family about their services. When they are fully trained, they will understand the benefits Utility Warehouse offer, they can help customers on a personal level. With comparison sites, you can only focus on costs and the belief that a brand is reliable because they advertise well.

So are Utility Warehouse distributors reviews biased? I believe a Utility Warehouse distributor will help their friends and family out whatever their needs. A good conversation will go a long way and their relationship will always come first. For this, they will provide the best choice for their friend or family member whether this is to stick or switch to Utility Warehouse.


How can you switch to Utility Warehouse?

Easy, go to the Utility Warehouse website, check how much you can save and then complete the switch in less than 5 minutes. It will be the easiest savings you have made all year!

Utility Warehouse will complete the administration work for you so you will not have to ring your old provider. Utility Warehouse will complete the complete switch as soon as you say yes.


Thank you for reading out Utility Warehouse review guide

I hope ours and other distributors Utility Warehouse reviews will help you make the right choice for you. I hope you have found this helpful and whichever energy company you choose, save, save, save and avoid providers with poor services.

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