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7 reasons why we highly recommend Utility Warehouse as your Utility Provider

Utility Warehouse tops the rankings of our in-depth energy supplier comparison and for this we recommend Utility Warehouse to our readers.

We ranked the Utility Warehouse service higher than all their competitors for a number of factors including, value for money, customer service, clarity of bills, help in saving energy and complaint resolution.

As the ‘big 6’ energy companies are so well advertised, people tend look past the offers of smaller utility suppliers. Utility Warehouse can offer greater savings as they do not spend their customers’ money on big advertising campaigns. Utility Warehouse gather customers through a large network of distributers that promote their service to friends and family.

Now let’s look at the 7 reasons why we rank Utility Warehouse higher than their competitors:

1. The exceptional Utility Warehouse customer service

When compiling a utility review for ranking the quality of customer service provided by an energy supplier, the Utility Warehouse customer service is at the top of our list. With their personal and professional approach, they drive quality through all customer calls.

With the free UK customer service number, any troubles can easily be resolved at no cost and when comparing this to other energy providers, this becomes a major selling point for Utility Warehouse.
You will be able to see the quality of the customer service with a number of review sites and surveys on the web. Along with their high customer review scores on the web, the Utility Warehouse customer service quality is apparent from several awards listed on the Utility Warehouse website.

The Utility Warehouse email messenger is also available via the Utility Warehouse contact page if you wish to use prefer to use this method.

2. The ‘Double the Difference’ Price Promise

Utility Warehouse are that confident they can save you money, they will offer Double the Difference* back if they can’t save you money for switching over all of your services. Terms and conditions apply to this promise and these can be found at the Utility Warehouse homepage.

*Terms and conditions apply. The Utility Warehouse ‘Double the Difference’ Price Promise requires you to become a Double Gold customer ie. taking Home Phone, Broadband, Mobile and at least one energy service. Gold benefits are only available to homeowners or customers aged 25 and above. For full details of the Price Promise see here for more information.

You can’t go wrong there!

3. No Minimum Contract

Unlike some suppliers, there is no minimum contract terms for Utility Warehouse gas, electricity and CashBack card services.

The only exception is when you choose to opt for a new mobile phone, free equipment or an installation of a telephone line. The phone contracts are standard across the business for the type of contract on offer. It would be bad practice for any business to offer a brand new mobile phone with no contract clause for example.

4. Single Statement

Rather than recieving several bills from separate suppliers, the Utility Warehouse ofer one simple monthly bill!

This statement is available via the post or online. If you have trouble accounting for all your bills, this statement will do wonders by simplifying your monthly financial management.

5. Gold Bundles

Along with the great service provided, Utility Warehouse offer a fantastic range of ‘bundles’ aiming to save customers even more money on the services they choose.

When customers choose from the different ‘gold bundles’ available, customers can save even more money from switching additional services over to the Utility Warehouse. These packages offer fantastic savings along with the ease of knowing you will only receive one bill for all your services per month. Find out more.

6. Make money in your spare time with the Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

If you’re interested in making money in your free-time and can spare several hours per week, you have come to the right place!

I can give you all the information you need to work together with Utility Warehouse to earn a significant additional income every month.

Send us a message via our contact page for more information on the Utility Warehouse, leaving your name, number and email address and we will get back to you with all the details you require.

7. We recommend Utility Warehouse to all our friends and family as we trust their services

Trust is a major part of the reasoning for our recommendation and with this trust we safely and confidently recommend Utility Warehouse to our friends, family and readers.

Now you know the benefits, let’s look at the history of Utility Warehouse.


The Utility Warehouse History

Utility Warehouse, trading under Telecom Plus PLC was originally founded in 1996 as a telecommunication business. Since launching their first product in 1997, Telecom Plus PLC have been focusing on gathering customer through word-of-mouth recommendation. This excellent business model has seen their customer base grown to over 500,000 through personal recommendation from satisfied customers.

Named as company of the year at the 2009 PLC award ceremony, Telecom Plus PLC has been a fantastic British success story. They were also named best telecommunications PLC at the UK Stock Market Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2014, amongst many others awards from the press and other organisations.

With a head office based in North London, approximately 700 staff are employed, including their high quality call centre staff.

The products and services on offer include, gas and electricity, landline telephony services, mobile phone telephony services, broadband and the option to take on a CashBack card to save money on your bills.

Utility Warehouse products and services

Utility Warehouse as a gas provider

The Utility Warehouse savings for energy can be a real eye opener when you receive your quote and the prices become cheaper with the additional services you take on. Along with the great savings they also offer the following:

No unfair cancellation fees – Utility warehouse do not add any nasty surprises if you ever decide to move to another provider.

Peace of mind – They are transparent in the pricing model so you will always know which is the cheapest tariff and you can change any time you like.

Simplicity – Chose from 4 straightforward tariffs.

Take comfort in knowing – Utility Warehouse offers options to fix your tariff when taking specific fixed tariff options.

Utility Warehouse’s electricity supply

Similar to gas, Utility Warehouse offer electricity as one of the many services they can supply. With the same benefits as gas, including no exit fees, simple to understand tariffs and their excellent savings, Utility Warehouse is easy for us to recommend.

Check out our utility review page for the full break down of the Utility Warehouse review. We review all the energy providers out there to understand what other companies can offer. With our in depth review, Utility Warehouse was found to be one of the top energy suppliers when weighing up every available contributing factor.

The Utility Warehouse Home Phone service

Unknown to most consumers, Utility Warehouse also offer a great value for money home phone deal. With free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, low call charges, free calls to other Utility Warehouse landlines and mobiles, Utility Warehouse are upping their competition in the market to draw more consumers in.

Not only do Utility Warehouse offer the free evening and weekend calls, their line rental cost is also one of the cheapest available. Again like gas and electricity, there is no minimum contract meaning you can switch to another provider with no worries of any buy-out clauses in your contract.

The Utility Warehouse Mobile Phone service

The Utility Warehouse mobile phone tariffs are very easy to understand and offer great value. Ranging from your basic packages for the low minute and browser users to the high call and browser users.

Choosing a mobile package with Utility Warehouse is very simple, you chose the tariff you want based on how many calls and data you use and then you chose the mobile phone you want. As an alternative option, you can use your current phone and opt for the SIM only option.

Utility Warehouse keep stocked up with the latest mobile phone releases, so grab yourself the best phone on the market today. Get the latest phones from your iPhones, Samsungs and Sonys, to your Blackberries, Nokias and LGs.

Broadband by Utility Warehouse

Whether you’re a video streamer or small internet user, Utility Warehouse offers a great package for both options.

You have your standard option for the casual internet users, where you can expect fast loading pages and an unlimited data allowance. The other option for the more regular internet users is the superfast broadband service which offers superfast speeds and an unlimited data allowance.

Both options are great and the Utility Warehouse prices are always competitive. Check your availability for this service.

CashBack card by Utility Warehouse

One bonus unique to the customers of Utility Warehouse, is the CashBack card. The CashBack card offers customers a way to save even more on their bills by getting CashBack from spending in selected stores.

The CashBack card isn’t a credit card either. All you have to do it top up the card with your money and then spend as you normally would. When you use this card in Utility Warehouse’s selected stores, you will build up a discount that will save you bundles off your bill.

Making the switch over to Utility Warehouse

Thank you for taking the time to read our research and take on the Utility Warehouse. We are proud to recommend their services to all of our readers just like we recommend them to our friends and family.

Please feel free to read our in-depth energy review page that compares all the energy providers on the market.

To make the move yourself, you can visit the Utility Warehouse Website.

If this has helped you, or you have switched and saved money on your energy bills, please share this with your friends and family below.

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